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For The Perfect Boiled Egg you will need...

1 large, free range, organic egg
2 slices toast
Salt to taste

Serves 1

Here's how...

Soft boiled eggs and soldiers are one of those things that you rediscover every so often and wonder why you don't eat them more often. With something this simple, the quality of your ingredients is very important, the egg being the obvious star. Try to use the best quality you can (don't even bother with battery eggs). Use good quality bread, real butter, and as much salt as you dare.

For perfect soft boiled eggs: Carefully place your eggs into a small pan of simmering water using a tablespoon, allow to simmer for 1 minute. Now remove from the heat and cover for 6min 30s to give a perfect soft boiled egg. Toast your bread whilst the eggs are sitting. Having tried, it doesn't really work trying to do this without an accurate time keeping device...

Ps: notice the perfectly topped boiled egg in the picture? No boiled egg enthusiast should be without an egg topper.

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