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Full of hints and tips to help you in the kitchen.

For the accomplished cook, most things in this section will already be second nature, however, its always useful to have something to refer to to check times and remind ourselves of quantities. For the cooking novice, this is where to begin. Have a look at the storecupboard and equipment sections and work your way through the basic recipes. Check out the cookery books that inspired us...


Tips on what you should always have in the house.


A few of the things that make cooking a lot easier if you have them.

Food Safety

If you're new to cooking, its worthwhile getting to grips with the basics of food hygiene to to make sure the food you make for yourself and for other people is safe to eat.
The Food Standard's Agency has lots of information to help explain the basics of food hygiene.
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Weights and Conversions

Check out the BBC's guide.
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