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About Us

In short...

OxNosh aims to be a one-stop online food resource for Oxford

What does this mean? Well... basically, it's a website with everything you want to know about food, and food in Oxford.

We've got recipes, lots of tips for getting to grips with the basics of cooking, advice on healthy eating, all the great food shops and restaurants in Oxford, and really simple overviews of food issues like organic food, so you can make up your own mind.

We think Oxford is a really unique food city. So many fabulous shops and restaurants, plus with it being a relatively small city it's easy to get into green fields and the surrounding farms making delicious produce! We are passionate about supporting local businesses, we'd much prefer to eat veg grown down the road, or food in a local restaurant rather than a chain that produces vast quantities of the same stuff. Not because we're food snobs but because it's tastier, likely to be more varied, and more of the pounds you spend go back into the local area.

A little more about why...

OxNosh was started by Kat and Rachel, in 2007, when we realised our mutual love of food over cups of coffee in the chemistry lab, Oxford.

The idea for OxNosh as a one stop food resource for Oxford city was born out of both of our frustration at how confusing food can be - there are thousands of recipe books, hundreds of differing opinions on food issues, plus not one of our own cooking books had a table saying how long to cook meat per kilo (we're scientists!). So, we wanted to make food as easy, inspiring and understandable as possible. We hope it achieves this through our easy to follow recipes with simple variations, a summary of seasonality, condensed food views (both sides of the argument!), a map showing where to buy good food whether ingredients or a meal out.

In between getting degrees and starting jobs, we still ploughed on with OxNosh. Neither of us knowing anything about web development, we read as much as we could and wrangled with Dreamweaver.

How OxNosh was made...

We have tried to take the hard work out of finding food related information, as even in our vast library of cookbooks (we're keen cooks!) and on the internet it has been hard to find some bits of info. We want it to be easy for Oxford to get food into its life, without lack of time being an excuse. The info is all here, so we hope that you will be able to pick up some ideas, tips and variations as well as find out where the best places to buy food and related products are in Oxford. We want it to be easy for you to try and implement more ethical and environmentally friendly food into your life. Whether you feel returning to seasonal produce is important, or you have an interest in becoming a better cook, or you want to know where the best place to buy bread is in Oxford, we hope you will find the information here. If you can't, then let us know! We always like to hear from fellow foodies!

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