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OxNosh, your one stop food resource in Oxford


Summer arrives - long days fool us, and the promise of a hot summer is in the air. We brave the outdoors for barbeques and picnics. Tartan rugs shaken off, Pimms poured, lounging and languishing is the order of the day.


Change is in the air, the trees are becoming dappled browns and yellows as autumn comes around the corner. Ambitious dads keep the barbeque coals burning despite the nights drawing in. The summer has also most definitely ended with the approach of colder times, and a wealth of foods come into season as we approach Autumn harvest time. Lovely golden hues stack up on and under the market table in the form of pupkins and squashes, mishapenen and nobbly, smooth and fat - they're calling out to be made into silky soups, colourful mashes, mixed into the roast vegetable tray. Seasonal game is creeping in, starting with duck, guineafowl and venison; whose taste is that of the country - dense, full, dark meats, and all readily available due to their abundance and remergence onto the list of fashionable foods.

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