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The heating's on, environmental guilt is long gone, and we return home rosy cheeked from the cold. The nights are dark, the mornings are dark, we wonder disbeleiveing "was it this bad last year?". Christmas and its winter traditions are a guiding star for the bleakest time, bringing good cheer by the cup full. The cold brings on a familiar appetite, with hearty food called for, with a hint of spice at times, making this the season for stews and casseroles, creamy mash, cheesed-laced bakes.


The UK is in the middle of its autumn, and the shelves are bursting wth vegetables perfect for slow-cooking, earty . Beetrootlends its paint and autumny undertones to slow roasted root vegetables, mushrooms help create earthy risottos, tempting steak and kidney pie slowly turns golden in the oven... if we had a log fire, it would be crackling right now.

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