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vegetable box schemes in Oxford

Vegetable Boxes

Try a vegetable box scheme if you want the freshest organic vegetables and fruit, delivered direct from farm to doorstep.

An interesting concept: Ross takes 100 store cupboard ingredients and shows you three mega easy recipes to make with each one. An excellent mid-week standby book, with simple recipes; perfect for moments when inspiration isn't forthcoming.

Favorite recipe: Spiced potato and bean salad

A perfect book for beginners and intermediate cooks alike as it's a great reference book without being too dry as it's crammed full of excellent recipes. Each chapter starts with an informative section followed by recipes to put your new knowledge into action. Our copy is well thumbed, it being our first port of call when we want to look up a basic recipe e.g. pancakes, or how to carve a chicken.

Favorite recipe: Lamb and leek hot pot

An excellent all round book crammed with delicious recipes, including a whole section on chocolate cake. Our copy is battered and a lot of the pages are covered in stains, a sure fire sign of how much we use it!

Favorite recipe: Orange Scented Brioche Pudding

A must have for any wannabe Goddesses and beginners alike. Nigella's recipes are all delicious, guaranteed to work and generally very easy as she walks you through them step by step.

Favorite recipe: Damp Chocolate Loaf Cake

This book is a wonderful collection of really simple but impressive dishes. Each chapter on Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs, Vegetables...(and more) begins with a simple guide to what flavours suit what, which sauces will compliment your ingredients well, which herbs to use. This makes it so much more than a recipe book - the ideas are endless.

Favorite recipe: Apricot and pine nut rack of lamb

Nigel's unabashed food prose makes us want to cook everything in this book, which is set out into chapters on his favourite ingredients, e.g. "chicken", "garlic", which whilst not a conventional layout does make for an inspiring book.

Favorite recipe: Grilled chicken with chilli, lemon and mint

The Women's weekly books are Australian, so once you're over the initial reservations about different names for ingredients e.g. courgettes, this book is a pleasure to use. The food is very pan-asian and colourful, with lots of fresh, beautiful pictures well set out to make you want to dive in and make your own laid back feast.

Favorite recipe: Salt crusted ocean trout with thai flavours hollandaise

This book guided a few of us through budding vegetarianism with delicious, quick and most importantly, exciting recipes.

Favorite recipe: Rocket Pesto

The book is well laid out, with clear pictures that explain the steps in the recipes. This book has a plentiful selection of ideas, with an extensive range of curries to boot - encompassing many different techniques.

Favorite recipe: Courgette Fritters

The Women's Institute writes beautiful books within a variety of themes, with a trademark style of simple recipes. This collection of recipes for richly flavoured soups are easy to make, whilst bringing out the nuances of the key ingredients.

Favourite recipe: Orange and Sweet Potato Soup

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